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This is about the art of painting. It might catch your attention that there is, amongst many others, an old tradition of artistic erotic paintings - as opposed to those rather simple photographs we mostly encounter in the web. Maybe this can serve as an inspiration to stroll around websites like or

The first two paintings are from the 16th century.

The first one was painted by Correggio in 1525, The second one 4 years later, in 1529, by Lucas Cranach.

The third painting was painted 1797 by francesco Goya and is called: "the nude Maja" - it was one of the first pictures of a nude girl which was painted without an "excuse" (e.g. a religious theme). The original painting is exhibited in the Prado, Madrid, Spain.

They are wonderful artwork, and they might even increase the traffic to my site.


Besides, they are really beautiful, arent they?


Drei Beispiele für künstlerische Erotik und dafür, daß Frauenakte nicht immer nur Photos sein müssen.

(Mal sehen, ob dadurch die Besucherzahl dieser Seite steigt...)

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